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This feature has been discontinued - it simply required too much effort (that I am unable to provide as a hobby). Thank you for your interest.



Getting the latest version of a topo mapset can be a time consuming process due to the large file sizes of the installers, usually around 100-200 MB each. The TopoUpdater utility was created to solve this issue by checking for updated map sections and downloading only those that have been updated. This incremental update process allows the user to utilize the new map sections earlier with much less hassle.


Download and execute the TopoUpdater installer. Version 1.21 (16 Dec 2008) After the installation is complete double-click on the TopoUpdater shortcut (on your desktop) and the utility will appear, as shown below:

TopoUpdater utility screenshot


The TopoUpdater utility will start up by displaying supported mapsets that are installed on your system. Check/uncheck the list of mapsets to specify which will be checked for updates (all mapsets are not selected by default). Click the "Get Updates" button and the utility will contact the update server, determine if there are any updated sections and download any that are found - this process will be repeated for each selected mapset. The status column will display short messages showing the progress of the update process.

Click on the "Open logfile" icon in the lower right to see a more detailed summary. There should be a whatsnew.txt file for each mapset describing the latest changes.


The images below show examples of the incremental updates being applied to the Utah topo mapset. The following image shows the original presentation of land ownership:

Original land ownership presentation

Here is the updated version:

Custom land ownership presentation

The following image shows an area in the original version:

Original road styles

Here is the updated version with custom line styles for unpaved roads, 4wd trails and custom icons for POIs:

Custom road styles

Last updated: 24 August 2011