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Pinewood Derby Timer

PDT timer custom PCB shield


The Pinewood Derby Timer (PDT) is an Arduino based track timer. The robust and flexible design allow the PDT to be easily constructed and modified to meet your specific needs. Features of the PDT include:

- Easily expandable from 1 to 6 lanes
- Supports (optional) solenoid start gate circuit
- Supports (optional) lane place/time digital displays
- Works standalone or can be interfaced to software running on a PC
- Supports lane masking, start gate status check, force end of race

Interfacing the PDT to software running on a PC allows races to be managed and allows you to record and archive car run times as you test and tune your Pinewood Derby car(s). Currently compatible with the following software:

- Free PD Test/Tune/Track (PDT3) software utility (see below)
- The popular Grand Prix Race Manager software

An implementation of the PDT on a two lane BestTrack is shown below:


This PD Timer zipfile contains the timer code (Arduino sketch), hardware schematics and user documentation. The individual items can also be downloaded:

- hardware schematics
- timer code (Arduino sketch)
- user documentation.

The PDT3 setup program will install the PD Test/Tune/Track utility software.

More Information

Use the links below or the menu at the top of the window to see more information on building and using the PDT:

Last updated: 25 February 2015