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This page contains items available for purchase to aid in construction of the Pinewood Derby Timer (PDT).

Custom Products

In addition to the standard components needed for constructing the PDT the following custom printed circuit boards (PCBs) are available for purchase. The PCBs are not required but they simplify the construction of the PDT by providing mounting and wiring points for the various components.

PDT shield PCB

The main PDT PCB has the standard Arduino shield format that allows it to be stacked directly on top of the Arduino Uno microcontroller. A bare PCB and one populated with components are shown below.

Bare PDT shield PCB Populated PDT shield PCB

I2C Splitter Board

The I2C splitter board aids in wiring the optional place/time displays in parallel. It can be utilized with the optional pre-made jumper wires or by soldering wires directly to the board. A splitter board utilizing jumper wires is shown below:

I2C splitter board


The items below are available for purchase. Please note the following:

Please email the contact address above if you have any questions or need alternate shipping options.


   All items are in stock except any noted below:

   > 20cm jumpers - out of stock, looking for new source

   Last updated: 16 April 2017

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