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Switching Map Sets


Having multiple map sets loaded on your Garmin GPS unit can lead to frustration if the different map sets overlap and the map set you want to view is covered by another. The rendering order used by the GPS unit is based on the internal draw priority of each map set and these values are not configurable by the user.

A few years ago Garmin, via a firmware update for its mapping units, delivered a solution to this issue. Unfortunately they didn't document it very well (at all?). The directions below demonstrate how to switch map sets using this new functionality.

GPSmap 60/76 Series and Similar Units

To switch between map sets perform the following simple steps:

1) From the Map display hit the MENU key, then select "Setup Map" - see Figure 1.
2) Hit the ROCKER key left or right to select the "Information" tab - see Figure 2.
3) Hit the MENU key to access the menu shown in Figure 3.

From this menu the map sets loaded in the GPS unit can be toggled (Hide Product Name.../Show Product Name...) or all sets can be toggled at once (Hide All/Show All).

GPS screenshot #1 GPS screenshot #2 GPS screenshot #3

The above screenshots were taken from a Garmin GPSmap 76CSx unit.

Colorado Series and Newer Units

This process has been greatly improved in newer Garmin mapping units. The map display has an option menu with a "Switch Maps" option that presents the following dialog to easlily turn on/off mapsets:

GPS screenshot #4

The above screenshot was taken from a Garmin Colorado unit.

Additional Resources

Resources covering Garmin GPS mapping units and/or map set usage:

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Last updated: 26 January 2008