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Minnesota OHV Trails


The purpose of this project is to create electronic maps of the Minnesota OHV Trails for Garmin GPS units (with mapping capability). Although the DNR provides printable maps (pdf) of the trails the addition of GPS maps allows more energy to be spent enjoying the trails and surrounding areas versus navigating.

This is an on-going project with additional trails added as data is obtained and time is available. The trails are added in a somewhat random order so if there one you would like to be added sooner rather than later please let me know. Currently, the following trails have been added and/or updated:

- Iron Range (Gilbert) OHVRA [Updated 9 Mar 2007]

Update 9 Mar 2007: The Minnesota DNR is currently going through a re-classification of all state trails. As soon as this classifcation is complete additional trails will be added to this mapset.


Screenshots of the map on a GPS:

GPS screenshot #1 GPS screenshot #1 GPS screenshot #1

These were taken from a Garmin GPSmap 76CS. Note that the core roads are the bold, red lines, the Jeep trails are the thin black lines and the ATV/OHM trails are the dashed lines.

Download and Installation

The installation of the maps is fairly simple. The maps can utilized from within Garmin's MapSource product (if available) or simply uploaded to your GPS unit.


The accuracy of the data used to create these maps varies greatly. These maps are to be used for reference purposes only. The author(s) are not responsible for any inaccuracies and no responsibility is assumed for damages or other liabilities due to the accuracy, availability, use or misuse of the data presented. Installation and use of these maps is at your own risk!

Download and execute the installation package. A README file with more detailed usage information will be displayed upon completion of the installation.


The MN OHV mapset should overlay any other mapset present on your GPS unit. If conflicts arise (between mapsets), simply hide/show mapsets as described here.

Other Downloads

If your GPS does not have mapping capabilities, the following files might be of interest:

- Gilbert Extras: Gilbert tracks in GPX format and a printable map of Gilbert with a Lat/Lon grid..


Any feedback (comments, corrections, questions, etc.) is welcome and encouraged. I primarily make these maps for my own use and as a learning experience but it is good to hear when others find them useful. Please direct all feedback to the email address shown at the top of this page.


This mapset is free to download and use. If you find these maps useful please consider making a donation to help offset the costs incurred in producing and offering them (hosting, bandwidth, software, etc.)


Data Sources

The data sets utilized for creating these maps are obtained from the following sources:

Minnesota DNR OHV Trails
The information from this site (maps, etc.) are utilized to check accuracy of mapping data, obtain trail names, area names, etc.

Minnesota DNR Data Deli
An Internet based spatial data acquisition site that allows users to download raw computer-readable data for all of Minnesota. This data can used in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), image processing systems, or traditional database environments.


Several software applications are used, Manifold System is used for the initial parsing and/or querying of data (per trail type), GlobalMapper is used for the majority of data manipulation/configuration and cGPSmapper is used to compile the data into a Garmin map file.

Last updated: 25 Aug 2007